Buying a house as an entrepreneur
Dec 20, 2022

Buying a house as an entrepreneur

Buying a house as an entrepreneur

More and more people are becoming self-employed. There is always a lot to consider, especially if you make the switch from paid employment. But what about a mortgage when being self-employed or as an entrepreneur?

If you want to take out a mortgage as a self-employed person/entrepreneur, keep in mind that your entire financial household will be examined. The bank always looks at the average income over the last three calendar years. That is why you should always be well prepared when you talk to a mortgage advisor. Below are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1

Get a good bookkeeper or accountant. He or she can provide immediate insight into your financial situation and keeps everything on the right track. Both your mortgage advisor and the bank want to view this information in advance to see what the options are.

Tip 2

Ask your mortgage advisor the right questions. If you go start the meeting prepared, you immediately know what you can ask to find out exactly how much you can borrow and what the options are. An example would be, what can I do to be able to borrow even more?

Tip 3

Try to avoid credits/ personal loans and any (major) differences in your financial overviews. Many questions can often be asked about this. Credits/ personal loans automatically ensure that you can borrow less and if there are also large differences in the financial statements, it can have negative consequences for your maximum borrowing capacity.

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