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Medical entrepreneur

For specialists who work in the healthcare sector, it can sometimes be difficult to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands. That is why medical specialists often have different criteria for obtaining a mortgage. Below briefly about the criteria: 1. Loan amount is tailored to your specific situation2. Itis possible to apply for a mortgage with a temporary contract3. Itis even possible to apply for a mortgage, if you are employed and in trainingfor a specialization4. Thisapplies to both first time buyers and experienced buyers 

How does a mortgage for medical staff work?

Are you already a medic or are you still in training, don't worry because there are plenty of options to apply for a mortgage. There are banks that have an extra favorable acceptance policy for healthcare providers.However, this policy differs per bank and it also depends on your own situation.

A mortgage for healthcare providers?

A mortgage for health providers is available for the following professions:


• (Basic) doctor

• Family doctor

• Medical specialist

• Doctor in training to become a specialist

• Doctor not in training to become a specialist

• Midwife

• Dentist

• Pharmacist

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