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More and more people are working as entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. Asa self-employed person, your income varies in most cases per month. Then, ofcourse you wonder, is it still possible to apply for a mortgage to buy yourdream home. The answer to this is: “Yes”. There are indeed possibilities toapply for a mortgage, often more than you think.

What should I pay attention to?

It is always wise to build up a good buffer with sufficient savings to protect yourself for any financial setbacks. Think of becoming incapacitated for work, becoming ill etc. As an entrepreneur, most banks and lenders ask for a healthy buffer so that they can be sure that the monthly costs can be paid in the longterm if things are not going as planned. 

What do banks and lenders pay attention to

There are still possibilities for our brand-new entrepreneurs who have just started and who are not able to show 2 and/ or 3 yearly financial overviews. If you have achieved a high turnover with few costs in just 1 year, you can often borrow a certain amount. The following aspects are important when assessing your application:


1. How many financial years have you been working as an entrepreneur

2. In which sector do you work and has the Corona pandemic had consequences for you and the business.

3. How high are your fixed costs

4. How much risk you run with your company

5. How your business and profit has evolved

6. What are the expectations of your company and activities in the (near) future.

How much can I borrow in the Netherlands?

It is often a bit more complicated for entrepreneurs to determine their income than for regular employees who receive a fixed monthly salary. Contact us if you have any questions or if you want to calculate your total income. We request a number of documents, so that we can calculate your income in consultation with a specialist when applying for a mortgage. With this you also know what you can spend in advance, instead of being faced with surprises after your offer has been accepted.

Furthermore, anyone who wants to buy a home can finance up to a maximum of 100% of the market value of a property. You will soon need your own money to be able to pay the buyer's costs. To give an estimate of the costs, an average buyer pays between €10,000 to €20,000 in costs.

Declaration of income for entrepreneurs

Most mortgage lenders usually want to see an income statement issued through a specialized agency. There are even lenders that only work with designated agencies.

When drawing up such a statement, a number of documents are requested.Think of your tax returns for the past 3 years, annual accounts, etc. Did you work as an employee before becoming an entrepreneur? Then your previous income is also included in order to get a complete picture and to issue an income that may be slightly higher. 

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