Embracing the Dutch Lifestyle: Top Expat-Friendly Cities in the Netherlands
Sep 25, 2023

Embracing the Dutch Lifestyle: Top Expat-Friendly Cities in the Netherlands

Embracing the Dutch Lifestyle

There's a lot more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam as we know it. There is certainly a city here that's perfect for you and your family, whether you're a party animal looking to get your vibe in Rotterdam or a peace seeker in search of Utrecht. Jump on and let's go explore the Netherlands!

Amsterdam, the Dutch capital, a magical place!

Ah, Amsterdam, with its canals and cobblestone streets. If you've ever dreamed of living in a city where old buildings and modern comforts mix together perfectly, you've found your utopia. The famous gabled houses that line the canals make it feel like you've stepped into a postcard when you walk through its streets. But Amsterdam isn't just about looks. It has peaceful green places like the famous Vondelpark, where you can even do online work.

What makes Amsterdam really stand out is its electric atmosphere. The city has a lot of young energy because there are so many students there. You can make Amsterdam as busy or quiet as you want. People from more than 180 countries live in Amsterdam, which has a very foreign feel. Your neighbor could be from Brazil, your store could be from India, and your favorite barista could be from Australia. Amsterdam is a top choice for young people from all over the world who want to live abroad.

Rotterdam is where you can start your life

Rotterdam is the next stop. The place where technology is the most important thing. Have you ever wanted to live in a place that looks like it was built in the 21st century? This is what Rotterdam is like. This city's skyline is more than just a skyline; it's a work of art, with famous buildings like the Erasmus Bridge and the Cube Houses. Don't even get us started on the port. It's not just a port; it's its own world, full of ships, cranes, and jobs.

Rotterdam has a young energy that is almost as lively as the mood in Amsterdam. Rotterdam feels alive, whether you're walking down Witte de Withstraat, which is full of art galleries and cool cafes, or taking a slow bike ride along the Maas. There are a lot of expats in Rotterdam, and the cost of living is low enough that you can enjoy more for less money. This is why Rotterdam is becoming more and more popular among young expats.

Utrecht: Living in peace among the canals

Now, let's look into Utrecht's cozy charm. Have you ever wished for a city with the canals of Amsterdam, the energy of Rotterdam, and the charm of a small town? You should go to Utrecht. The canals in Utrecht are special because there aren't any roads along them. Instead, there are paths for walking right next to the water, so you can almost touch the beauty of the water in the city.

Utrecht is full of young people who are full of energy. The city is a center for both students and new businesses. Utrecht's culture offers are as different as they are enjoyable. You can visit the Dom or listen to live music in Neude Square. Plus, all of these perks are cheaper in Utrecht than they are in Amsterdam. It's like getting the best of both worlds in one wonderful gift. With its unique mix of old-world charm and modern conveniences, Utrecht is quickly becoming a favorite among expats who want a fair look at the Netherlands.

Maastricht: Living the foreign life in the beautiful south

Okay, let's go south and see what Maastricht is like. Want to dream of cobblestone streets that run through a rich fabric of European history like threads? It's all over Maastricht. This city is almost like an open-air museum. But this city is also a melting pot of cultures, languages, and ideas. It is a great place for students and a true melting pot of Europe. And don't forget that it's close to Belgium and Germany, which makes unplanned trips across the border an interesting option.

Living in Maastricht does not cost as much as living in Amsterdam. Even though it's not as cheap as some other Dutch towns, it's still affordable and gives you more time and money to explore and have fun. Maastricht is quickly becoming a dream place for expats who want to experience all of Europe in one beautiful place. It has beautiful buildings, a lively culture, and a location that serves as an entrance to Europe.

Delft is the best place for expats to work in Tech

Now it's time for our last stop: Delft, a city where past and new ideas go together in a beautiful way. Have you ever thought about living in a town that looks like it was taken right out of a picture by Vermeer? That's how Delft is. Its old city center is a culturally important canvas. You'll walk down small streets lined with houses that were built hundreds of years ago.

But here's the twist: Delft isn't just a place with old-fashioned charm; it's also a place where new ideas are made. The city is a playground for engineers-to-be because it is home to the well-known Delft University of Technology. Delft is a place where the past and the future meet.

More good news for Delft? The ability to pay part. Even though there is a lot to see and do culturally and technologically, your wallet won't feel like it's on fire. The cost of living here is low, especially compared to the more famous Dutch towns. This makes Delft a secret gem for expats who want to live in a place with a lot of variety and balance.

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