Good news for Dutch wallets: Income Boost and New Mortgages Rules in the Netherlands 2024
Feb 13, 2024

Good news for Dutch wallets: Income Boost and New Mortgages Rules in the Netherlands 2024

Income & Taxes in the Netherlands in 2024

Net income increases in the Netherlands

Almost all working people in the Netherlands will be better off in 2024. This is due to higher tax credits on the taxes they pay. As a result, your client will keep more of their gross salary net. For example, someone with a gross salary of €3,395 will receive €80 more per month net. For Dutch people on minimum wage who work 40 hours per week, the increase is more than €260. This is due to the increase in the minimum wage.

Gross minimum wage increases in the Netherlands

In 2024, the gross minimum wage will increase. This will also increase benefits such as AOW, Wajong and social assistance. The Nibud (Dutch Institute for Budget Information) states that the net social assistance benefit will increase by €130 per month next year for married couples and cohabiting partners. Single people can expect an increase of €90 per month.

AOW age and benefit increase In the Netherlands

In January 2024, the AOW (General Old Age Pension) age will increase to 67 years for most people. This is an increase of 2 months. After next year, the AOW age will remain the same until 2028. The AOW benefit from the state will increase considerably on January 1st. You can read the exact amount on the website of the Social Insurance Bank (SVB).

Rules around Box 3 change in the Netherlands

Tax rate in Box 3 Increases

If your client has more assets than €57,000, they will pay wealth tax (with a fiscal partner €114,000). For the part of your assets above €57,000, the Tax and Customs Administration assumes a certain return. Your client then pays tax on this. This tax will increase from 32% to 36% in 2024.

In 2023, the calculation of box 3 income changed
When calculating box 3 income, the Tax and Customs Administration uses the actual distribution of assets over 3 asset categories:

• Bank and savings deposits and cash
• Investments and other assets
• Debts

Life insurances fall into the category of 'Investments and other assets'. A return percentage of 6.17% (2023) applies to this. This percentage is independent of the actual return achieved. The rules for box 3, in which assets are taxed, will change. As things stand now, the changes will not take effect until 2027. Until then, there is a transitional arrangement. You can find more information on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

The new Housing & Mortgage Rules in the Netherlands for 2024

Good news for homeowners and buyers!

Energy tax is decreasing in 2024, while the maximum deductible mortgage interest rate is going down. Mortgage rules are getting stricter, but there's more borrowing room for energy-saving improvements.

Lower Energy Tax and End of Energy Grant in the Netherlands

The government is increasing the discount on energy tax from €603.04 to €631.35 per year. This is a fixed amount per connection, regardless of consumption. The €1,300 energy grant for vulnerable households is ending in 2024.

Stricter Housing Rules and Lower Maximum Mortgage in the Netherlands

Inflation means customers can borrow less with the same income in 2024. The Nibud determines what a client can spend on their mortgage.

More Borrowing Room for Energy-Efficient Homes in the Netherlands

The better the energy label of a home, the more your client can borrow. For a home with label C or D, that's €5,000 extra, and for a label A++++ with an energy performance guarantee, it's even €50,000 extra.

Extra Borrowing Room for Green Upgrades in the Netherlands

Buying a home in 2024 with a less-than-stellar energy label? Extra borrowing room is available for energy-saving measures. For houses with label E, F, or G, this can be up to €20,000.

More Borrowing Room for Singles in the Netherlands

Single people with an annual income of more than €28,000 can borrow up to €16,000 extra in 2024.

End of "Jubelton," One-Time Tax-Free Gift Option Remains

The €106.671 tax-free gift for buying a home is abolished. In 2024, a one-time tax-free gift of €28.947 is still possible.

Increased Threshold for Transfer Tax Exemption

Homebuyers under the age of 35 pay no transfer tax on purchases up to €510,000 in 2024.

Maximum Mortgage Interest Deduction Decreases

The maximum rate at which mortgage interest can be deducted drops to 37.03% in 2024. This mainly affects clients with an income of €68,507 or higher.

Student Loan Counts Differently for Maximum Mortgage

In 2024, the actual monthly payment of the student loan counts towards calculating the maximum mortgage, not the starting amount.

Increased National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) Limit

The limit for the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) rises to €435.000 in 2024 (up from €405.000 in 2023). The NHG limit is €461.000 if energy-saving measures are implemented during purchase.

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