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Home Insurance

Have you recently bought a house, congratulations! Or do you own a home? Then home insurance is often useful and sometimes mandatory to apply for, depending on the type of home and location. Damage from fire, storm or burglary can happen more often than you think. Fortunately, with home insurance you are well insured for this. This gives more peace of mind and a sense of security. Please feel free to contact one of our experienced advisors to discuss the options.

What is a home insurance?

Home insurance is for the construction of the home. With this, your home, shed, fence and all other structures are insured against damage. This also includes floors, pipes, roof tiles, sanitary facilities and window frames. 

What does a home insurance cost?

It is not possible to mention a monthly premium. This depends on the type of home, size, location, rebuilding value etc. If you would like a calculation and comparison, please feel free to contact one of our experienced home insurance advisers.


From 1st July 2022 a smoke detector is mandatory

From the 1st July 2022, it is mandatory to install a smoke detector on every residential floor. In the event of a fire, most victims are often caused by smoke inhalation. When you sleep, you don't smell anything and you don't immediately wake up from the smoke smell. The sound of the smoke detector warns you of this.


Home content insurance

Do you want to keep your belongings safe and insured against damage and theft? That would be completely understandable and you are not the only one.With a good home content insurance, you can keep your belongings safe at home. An accident happens way more often than we think. Get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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