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Do you want to leave your next of kin without any financial worries if you and/ or your partner are not there anymore? You can now insure yourself with a life insurance in the event of death. Your partner, children or other surviving relatives can use this to pay off the mortgage. This gives a feeling of peace of mind for now but especially for later.

What is a life insurance?

A life insurance policy is mostly applied for if you want to have an amount paid out in the event of a certain event. In this case we are talking about in the event of death. You pay a monthly premium for a certain term. The life insurance is usually arranged directly in combination with a mortgage application.The reason for this is that the homeowners do not want to leave each other with financial worries now but most certainly not later.

What options are available with term life insurance?

With a term life insurance policy, you have three options, namely:

• Annuity scheme
• Linear scheme
• Equal/ Constant scheme  

An annuity scheme is usually in combination with an annuity repayment scheme that is linked to the mortgage. This also applies to the linear version. The equal/constant scheme is actually quite simple, you insure a certain amount for a term of 30 years and this will no longer decrease or increase because it remains the same. The insurance is terminated at the end of the term.

What does term life insurance cost?

It is very dependent on your age, type of insurance, medical background, term, etc. It is therefore very difficult to mention a fixed amount. You are able to make a calculation together with one of our experienced advisors to see if it fits your situation. You can also ask all your questions, so you get a full picture of how this life insurance works.

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