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Travel Insurance

Who does not want to be able to enjoy his or her holiday. Unfortunately, things often happen that you are not able to foresee. It can sometimes happen that your wallet is stolen or that your luggage is badly damaged. We ensure that you can travel with peace of mind with the right travel insurance.

What is a (continuous) travel insurance?

To put it very simply, you apply for a travel insurance before leaving.You want to travel with peace of mind, without having to constantly think aboutwhat if something happens. You can take out a travel insurance only for thedays that you are traveling, but you can also take out a continuous travelinsurance that always remains active. In addition, you also have Europe andWorld coverage. This really depends on your situation and what kind of traveleryou are.

What does travel insurance cost?

The costs for travel insurance vary from €15 per month to €100 or moreper month. This depends on your coverage, modules you choose, duration etc.

How do you apply for a travel insurance?

Contact one of our experienced advisors directly to discuss all the options.This can be done at our office or by telephone.

Apply for a cancellation insurance

If you travel often, it is useful to take out a continuous cancellation insurance. For example, if your travel documents are stolen a day before departure or if a family member suddenly dies, you can cancel your trip with cancellation insurance and have the costs reimbursed, in most cases. This is very convenient because you have something else on your mind at that moment.

In which cases is my holiday or trip covered?

There are a number of most common cases in which the cancellation insurance reimburses, namely:

• A family member becomes seriously ill or dies
• You don't get a visa
• You lose your travel documents a day before departure and the new documents are not ready on time 

You can, of course, think of more situations, but this depends on the insurance company and what it finds acceptable. Is there a specific scenario in which you would like to know whether the insurance company reimburses? Please contact our experienced advisors now and discuss the options.

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