Living as an Expat in the Netherlands and applying for a mortgage
Dec 30, 2022

Living as an Expat in the Netherlands and applying for a mortgage

Living as an Expat in the Netherlands and wanting to apply for a mortgage

You may be considering buying a house in the Netherlands as an expat living and working here. While this may be a lucrative and exciting experience, it is critical to understand the mortgage application procedure as an expat in the Netherlands.

When it comes to mortgages, one typical concern that expatriates have is whether they are qualified to apply for a mortgage or not. The answer is often yes, but you must comply to certain standards in order to be qualified. A solid employment and income, enough savings and a down payment of at least 10%-20% of the purchase price are examples of these conditions. Check with different banks and lenders to find out what their exact requirements are. As a financial company, our advisors are able to compare more than 30 banks and lenders for you and find the lowest interest rate with the best conditions. Get in touch as soon as you can.

Another popular condition for expats is what papers are required to apply for a mortgage in the Netherlands. Your passport, proof of income, resident permit, evidence of work, and proof of current address are some of the papers you may be expected to have. It's a good idea to start collecting the paperwork as soon as possible so that you're ready to apply for a mortgage when the time comes.

Thinking about buying a property in the Netherlands as an Expat

If you are an expat thinking about buying a property in the Netherlands, you need first to be "pre-approved" for a mortgage. This entails filling out an application and supplying information about your income, assets, and credit history to a financial/ mortgage advisor. This person will analyse your application and provide you a pre-approval report outlining how much money they are willing to offer you. This might help you limit down your alternatives in your house search by giving you an estimate of what you can afford. Our advisors are able to provide the so-called "pre-approval" letter within 1 or 2 working days upon receiving all necessary documents.

It's also worth noting that acquiring a mortgage as an expat in the Netherlands may be more difficult than for Dutch residents. This is because banks and lenders may be wary of lending to expats since they are viewed as a greater risk owing to their lack of a long track record in the Netherlands. However, with proper planning and preparation, expats may secure a mortgage and purchase a home in the Netherlands. Our expertise is to guide you through this process as smoothly as possible. So, get in touch with us to discuss your options and start the process.