Real Estate & Buy to Let Mortgage
Dec 20, 2022

Real Estate & Buy to Let Mortgage

Have you already bought a property and are you looking for a second property to rent out? That can be interesting as an investment and/or to build up capital for the future. With a buy to let mortgage it is possible to buy and finance a second property. The house can then be rented out to your family or to a third party.

The possibilities

With most parties you can finance up to 4 rental properties with a buy to let mortgage. This is suitable for private individuals as well as commercial properties. Financing starts at 70% of the rental value of the property. There are parties that finance a higher percentage even up to 90%, but that differs per provider. We can compare these providers for you and choose the best provider that suits your (current) financial situation.

Mortgage types & Mortgage interest rates

The interest rates for a buy to let mortgage differs per provider. In most cases the interest rates are higher than regular mortgage interest rates. The mortgage types for a buy to let mortgage are annuity, linear mortgage and interest-only.